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sniffCondoMNo you're both right, that was also Williams.
Before moving to Force India (now Racing Point), Lance Stroll drove for Williams which then was funded by his father Lawrence Stroll. Lawrence bought out Force India for 2019 where Lance is now driving.
yeah I know but sheepy said 'bought'
he was more of a paydriver at williams, his dad funded it but held no shares in the team

The point was that the dude was only driving for williams because he had a rich dad who funded the company and they couldn't get a better driver because of this.

posted 1 week ago

My biggest problem with Modern Formula 1 is the advancements in Tyre technology. It has completely changed the way the sport works and not for the better. It's similar to how the advancements in both golf ball and swimming suit technology can and do make the sport more boring.

Another problem with F1 is that it's not about pure skill and it is not a race about the drivers but rather it is a team sport. We have seen 1 mistake in the pitstop cost the driver his victory and vice-versa. Basically the team with the most money to spend on drivers, mechanics and research will always win and long gone are the days of outside companies making it because you just cannot beat Mercedes or Ferrari when they have so much more money to invest in the cars.

I still love watching F1 but there is no denying that the sport was at its very best in the 70s-late 90s where it was just far more dangerous and exiting, as well as being more about skill and innovation rather than whoever had the most expensive tyres, mechanics and sponsors. On the lower end of the grid, some of the drivers there have literally been bought by their billionare dads so that they could race in F1 *cough* Williams *cough*

posted 1 week ago
#14 Strangest Thing You’ve Ever Seen in TF2 General Discussion
Spannsmentally disabled scrawny dude in his 50s who had the body of an alcoholic drug user walked into my uni's classroom going "...Freshmen..." and sat next down next to a girl and went "you look like my girlfriend" only to turn to another girl who looked completely different and repeat "you look like my girlfriend", doing all sorts of noises and shit

I would be lying if I said this was the last time we saw him and I would also be lying that it did not get wierder

Spanns I already told you to keep your mouth shut about this. I'm just trying alternative tactics for courting and marrying my next cute waifu. You promised you wouldn't tell anyone, it's been known to work as women have been known to get very jealous and you are just sabotaging this for me.

posted 1 week ago
#4 best games ever in Other Games

I love games like Silent Hill and Forbidden Siren (highly underrated). Resident Evil 4 is always fun to play through and I really love SWERY'S games such as Deadly Premonition and the "D" series. His new game The Missing was fantastic as well. I don't like turn based RPGs but I enjoyed Persona 5 due to the fantastic writing, artstyle and characters.

I still enjoy playing games like The Simpsons Hit and Run and the Timesplitters series.

posted 2 weeks ago
#22 PSA in The Dumpster

yak is just mad that by grinding mge demoman so hard, i have ended up becoming better than him. This is why he was kicked from the team.

True facts from sheepy dog's hand

posted 2 weeks ago
#19 6vs6 Meta in official matchmaking in TF2 General Discussion
I personaly watched "cat noises" a lot, as it is, in my opinion, the most interesting team to watch

I know what you mean, after buying the adult only 18+ dlc for Nekopara I literally can't stop masturbating. I'm beginning to develop an addiction to catgirl hentai and now that I am unemployed (again) I have been spending hours masturbating to degenerate anime porn. Apparently "sex addiction" is a real thing and you CAN get help for it Olgha.

Remember you are not alone

posted 3 weeks ago

I also fucking love Formula 1. Had a good laugh at Ferrari's massive choke last night. Also glad to see Max Verstappen doing so well because he is insanely talented and i'm more Dutch than English so I support him all the way. Also glad that Bottas is doing well and the traitor Riccardo is becoming a laughing stalk.

twingodo you guys think ricciardo will get on the podium this year

haha no

posted 3 weeks ago
#1 What happens after you die in The Dumpster

Is there actually a heaven or hell or is it just nothing like before you were born? I don't understand why everyone exists if there is nothing after death. If you die without achieving anything meaningful like most then what is the point of living a failure of a life in the first place. I don't know if God is testing me for a reason or if it's just stupid self pitying for no reason at all.

posted 3 weeks ago
#22 Are you NORMIE or a CHAd in Off Topic

I'm more of an omega, like a wildcard. I'm not an incel but im not a chad, alpha or beta. I'm the wildcard.

posted 3 weeks ago
#9 Ombrack in TF2 General Discussion

posted 4 weeks ago
#142 What players do you miss? in TF2 General Discussion
funhaver1998Whys everyone downvote me there 9 months ago at the start of the thread? Didn't even notice. You don't like NiCo and Baud? Why?

I know right? Wrote a poem

NiCO god's hand
I still cry.
I miss you.

posted 1 month ago
StylaxOh and we killed William Wallace.

Fucked him right up.

Yes, you tortured and killed him for being a traitor to England despite him literally fighting for Scotland. Doing this provoked the Scottish into getting some spears and shoving them hard up Englands asshole.

We absolutely fucked you right up we did (then we did it again the other 6 times you tried to invade us). Look at those embarrassing English numbers, no wonder the Romans built a wall to keep angry Scottish people out.

posted 1 month ago
#18 ETF2L admin credibility in TF2 General Discussion

We needed a demoman to finish our div 2 games so we got yak and me and the admins agreed to put him on scout and me on demo. Not like it would have mattered since we sucked but it's the honourable thing to do.

Admins seem to have always tried their best to make things easy and fair but it's hard dealing with mentally challenged people on a daily basis and now I think it's time.

I volunteer as admin I think etf2l needs someone who is experienced, speaks for the people and knows the league and it's players on all sides and divisions. My offer stands.

posted 1 month ago
#14 Attack in Utrecht, The Netherlands in World Events
AubriacThis guy (Gökmen Tanis) didn't seem to be suspicious enough despite his previous crimes. There's just things you can't prevent.

I disagree and think this and many other attacks CAN be prevented.

posted 1 month ago
StylaxFunny enough, Scotland also then blew the lead

posted 1 month ago
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