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#8 Help me decide on a new monitor in Hardware

get an Asian water monitor they are pretty cool

posted 1 day ago
#8331 stream highlights in Videos

posted 2 days ago
#148 Sketchek is back? in TF2 General Discussion
Cerb96Okay since the circlejerk is strong. There is a parallel here liam's Neeson just came out and said he once planned on committing a hate crime and is being chastised for it.

He expressed regret about an action that he did not need to and wanted to get it off his concious hoping for forgiveness and is getting berated with hate speech.

By not being the bigger person all of you guys are creating a monster and out casting someone who wants to apologize.

Liam Neeson's actions were entirely understandable and is in no way comparable to faking a terminal illness and faking your death for several years as a joke.

40 years ago a close family member told him she was brutally raped by a black man, he was obviously extremely distraught and angry and in a terrible state. So being in his 20s and not knowing how to cope with it he just walked around towns for about a week hoping he could be approached by some black person that would randomly attack him out of nowhere so he could get some kind of revenge.

He did not actually incite any violence or attack anyone just because they were black, he was only vaguely hoping to be attacked randomly as a way of relieving the anger he was feeling. After 1 week of doing this he realized what he was doing was pointless and wrong and felt deeply ashamed and foolish. The man was never going to kill anyone, he has nothing against black people, and he definitely wasn't planning on committing a hate crime,

Liam Neeson didn't actually do anything wrong or hurt anybody and while his thoughts and feelings of a single week that happened 40 years ago may have been incredibly foolish. They are at the very least understandable when put in its proper context, in which someone very close to him was raped. He apologized for it sincerely despite it having happened 40 years ago (which shows a real moral fibre) and now his career and life are being destroyed by pathetic journalists who care little for context and write articles for those who judge a human being based on a single headline like:

Liam Neeson: I wanted to kill a black man

He played Oskar Schindler to perfection (onething a proper racist could not do) and introduced the Holocaust not only for the new generation (where holocaust denial was rising) but also to people around the world who would not otherwise have known.

posted 1 week ago
#26 Dying Graphics Card or Something Else? in Q/A Help

is this OP?

posted 1 week ago
#110 Sketchek is back? in TF2 General Discussion

I must say there is nothing I love more than a good troll but I think this may have crossed the "just a bit of banter" line here, Its important to make sure that banter doesn't go too far so people don't get their feelings too badly hurt.

Faking your own death and having your friends mourn your death for several years is a decent example of when it stops being banter and ends up going just a wee bit too far.

posted 1 week ago
#6 ETF2L S32 W2: SVIFT vs. MONGI MODE in Matches

Hope t0rrit sucking toes can recover from this devastating defeat. They still have a couple of french teams to beat.

posted 1 week ago
#11 Quasar look forward to starring in Premiership in News
The team was originally created back in November, and the intent behind was to make other french team with new and upcoming players that would ideally be able to compete in D1. Sadly since then some players backstabbed us, which forced me to look in the European scene to find replacements.

Who are the backstabbers? They didn't happen to be french did they?

posted 1 week ago
#16 Dying Graphics Card or Something Else? in Q/A Help

Have you tried going onto your motherboards website and downloading the latest bios and driver updates? What OS are you using?

Get the RAM to run at 1866. To begin this, disable or turn XMP off, it won't work well with two sets, the programming is for the packaged set. Manually set the freq to 1866, set the base timings to 9-10-9-29, set the CR to 2T (or 2N if the N designator is being used), set DRAM voltage to 1.56, set the MC voltage (believe it's CPUVTT on your mobo) to 1.18 and give it a try. If any problems may need adjustments to the advanced/secondary DRAM timings (notably the tRFC) just check it and if on the lower end, try about 164.

Use my advice with caution I am not responsible for anything going wrong.

posted 2 weeks ago
#17 ETF2L S32 W1: Ascent.EU vs. torrit..sukintoes in Matches
YeeHawwow. credu sure is a besatly beast. i wish i was 1% as good as him. wow. amazing.

YeeHaw you are at least 80% as good as him and you have been owning no doubt about it but its not everyday you see a scout top damage and top frag on both maps while also taking the lowest heals on the team. Obviously his team mates played a huge part in these massive logs and gave him the space to do his thing and logs aren't everything but Credu still deserves a special shoutout for having such big logs.

Matthes don't put yourself down like that, you are playing a class that takes far more skill, timing and effort when compared to scout and considering who you were up against I think you did just fine.

posted 2 weeks ago
#12 ETF2L S32 W1: Ascent.EU vs. torrit..sukintoes in Matches

Credu top damages and top frags as flank scout on both maps with 14% heals those are some big fat finnish logs.

posted 2 weeks ago
#20 l'En Avant de Guingamp crepes into Premiership in News

An all french team (which I LOVE) like this is a great idea but I think a team with these players will need a season of playing together while spamming french binds before they can start getting results vs some of these prem teams. They very well may improve quickly enough over this season and do just fine and prove me completely wrong and laugh at me but I think this is the kind of team that could be really solid next season if they were to stick together.

posted 2 weeks ago
#9 Faint Gaming makes a swift return into Premiership in News

Oh no, Ombrack why do you do this to yourself, it's going to happen AGAIN

posted 2 weeks ago
#8 ETF2L S32 W1: Ascent.EU vs. torrit..sukintoes in Matches

sheepy dog's hand game predictions coming in:

This looks like a win for Ascent based on the difference in quality and experience of the players. However I hope Yak and t0rrit have some kind of master plan in mind tonight. Perhaps they could try and make the most out of Ascent having issues with switching demomen.
Either way I think Ascent will win this but hope "t0rrit sucking on toes" can surprise us and make it a close and exciting game.

sheepy dog's hand

posted 2 weeks ago
#40 Ascent.EU swaps alle for Dr.Phil as next season approaches in News
JynxiiAnd obviously the joke was pretty funny since it got 60+ upfrags which is a lot for this website, especially since this website is known for removing 'hateful content'. So the joke couldnt have been that bad.

Calling one of europe's best ever demomen and most beloved personalities an "emo quitter who quits every season" without knowing the first thing about his life or his tf2 career gets you 60 upfrags doesn't make what you said correct. Many of the people reading that post were probably unaware of who alle really was and upvoted it out of assumption due to fair continental ignorance,

Its easy to judge without knowing much about someone but if you think 60 upvotes make your ignorant opinion about someone you barely know correct then you are very much mistaken.

posted 2 weeks ago
#36 Ascent.EU swaps alle for Dr.Phil as next season approaches in News
JynxiiIf me telling jokes about you having a prem recpost every season is enough to make you feel like a public dispute is the only way for you to stand up to the toxic troll then so be it,


posted 2 weeks ago
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