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#116 Apex Legends in Other Games

does ANYONE know how to potentially remove the 4:3 res letterboxing?

posted 1 day ago
#113 Apex Legends in Other Games

please don't downvote my screenshot i worked very hard that game :(

posted 1 day ago
#112 Apex Legends in Other Games


posted 1 day ago
#87 Apex Legends in Other Games

S tier - Bangalore
A tier - Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Wraith
B tier - Lifeline, Pathfinder
C tier - Mirage
D tier - Caustic

posted 4 days ago
#85 Apex Legends in Other Games

why does my game get downfragged but exile gets upfragged :(

posted 4 days ago
#587 oldschool runescape in Other Games

i respect the efficiency

posted 4 days ago
#77 Apex Legends in Other Games

my highest kill game so far, highest damage too

posted 6 days ago
#67 Apex Legends in Other Games

post mains (level 27 atm)

posted 6 days ago
#55 Apex Legends in Other Games

sweaty tryhards needed so i don't have to play with randoms

im level 22 with 230 kills and 20 onething wins in my main char, many 12 kill+ games

if u drop numbers like these or better add me

ign: saraffie

posted 1 week ago
#22 Sketchek is back? in TF2 General Discussion

posted 1 week ago
#9 Apex Legends in Other Games
emophobiaYou can play the game solo, i q'd randomly earlier. idk what ur talking about
When I was playing it straight wouldn't let me and there was an article confirming it. There was a thing where it told me to restart Apex Legends and Origin and seems you can now.

i think he misinterpreted your post as "you HAVE to invite friends you know into your lobby to play" and not "there is no solo player playlist"

regardless, i fucking love this game. ever since H1Z1 had its downfall as a good game, i've been craving a real battle royale game that relies on the skill of the player and this is it. the abilities give characters personality and roles but they don't heavily tip the scales in the favor of one player or other. titanfall's movement is so much fun and the guns handle really well once you get your sens right

posted 1 week ago
#3 the current condition of movement shooters in Videos

i don't really think the average gaming populous (read: the part of gaming population that makes game companies money) has any interest in extremely high skill ceiling games that have a large barrier to entry

posted 2 weeks ago
#575 oldschool runescape in Other Games

Oh, Bwelp.

posted 2 weeks ago
#18 An analogy in Q/A Help
funhaver1998Seinfeldtf2 has existed for 12 years and yet elo goblins cannot figure out that playing MGE is to practice hitting shots
On some real shit from my experience its the players w/o elo that are doing this and the players with it not so much. Not saying they don't, but I think its more likely some 1800 sweating his mind off than 2200 people

its people with numbers between 2000-2100 and 2500+ every time

posted 2 weeks ago
#10 Genesis 6 in Other Games

the mango fan in me says no, but the appreciation for the achievements of a fellow trans player says yes... this is too hard for me

posted 2 weeks ago
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