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#5 Philosophical Question About Sharing Snacks in Off Topic

asks if anyone wants chocolate. if too many people ask, pull out a knife and circumcise yourself in-front of everyone

posted 2 days ago
#8 Why does Hard aim and soft aim exist? in TF2 General Discussion

hard brexit is the only brexit good enough for me.

posted 2 days ago
#8 Alternative Strategy : Heavy to replace P.Soldier in TF2 General Discussion

jordy = 4k damage pocket, noob, child

olgha = beast, pootis, theorycrafter, ultiduo with vis

thank's for the post i liked it

posted 4 days ago
#5 SVIFT to CPH in TF2 General Discussion

go on then giz a punt

posted 5 days ago
#48 RGL 6s league in TF2 General Discussion
Tino_lmao all of the disillusioned people in this thread that actually believe that this time is the time that valve would listen to feedback rather than any other point in time in the past 5 years.

sorry to be a pedant but disillusioned would be you and me who know that they aren't gonna do shit. kinda important cause completely opposite meaning

posted 6 days ago
#24 RGL 6s league in TF2 General Discussion
Khilthis is the mindset that is gonna keep TF2 from ever becoming onething better. sigafoo makes a great point in the video that this needs to be tested so the data is there. valve tried it with MM but no one played that, they got no feedback, nothing changed. I hope people will take this into consideration and since it's a paid league players are gonna actually try in it

if you read a single word i put u would know that they already have data and did fucking nothing with it lmfao. They DID get feedback, people (including myself) e-mailed the team. Fuck, there was that one patch where people could feedback before they implemented shit. And it was still god awful. Stop shilling for valve. They won't and don't do anything for us besides a few blog posts and 1 update a year in which half of the content is beneficial for the game and the other half is irrelevant garbage.

There are 2 things stopping tf2 from achieving greatness. The dog shit devs and our lack of balls to create a pro mod and completely shut us off from the rest of the game (which is admittedly, quite a cringe solution).

posted 6 days ago
#21 RGL 6s league in TF2 General Discussion


if they even make a balance update it will be shit. all of them in the past have been. The ones that are closest to good still have some retarded nonsense sprinkled in. They are incompetent fuckers, completely out of touch with their own game. They should know shit like Milk, Jarate, Wrangler, Rescue Ranger is retarded but they don't. Most this shit has been in the game for half a decade or longer borderline untouched.

Instead they nerf stickies and minigun in the weirdest way possible, even if the nerfs are warranted (not in the case of the minigun, perhaps in the case of stickies)

history shows I am right, they don't know what the fuck they're doing lmfao. "statistics" hasnt done shit cause they always say they buff/nerf based on that, but its clearly bullshit or irrelevant. This league/project has noble intentions but isnt gonna accomplish anything.

posted 6 days ago
#17 RGL 6s league in TF2 General Discussion

Yeah nah this is one of Sigafoo's most tame ventures. Unironically wish you the best of luck with discovering stuff but truth be told, passing the info on to valve won't do shit. They can't rebalance stuff properly anyway, and this is assuming they want to.

posted 6 days ago
#28 Kotaku article on sketchek in TF2 General Discussion

um so he said he died but he didnt and basicly now im pised so ahrd he is monster

posted 1 week ago
#13 Quasar look forward to starring in Premiership in News

^ fax

posted 1 week ago
#10 Quasar look forward to starring in Premiership in News

my comment as collaide's ex-demoman: very cool, twiggy, thanks for posting

posted 1 week ago
#2 Charlie could you pass me the salt please? in The Dumpster

posted 1 week ago
#61 Sketchek is back? in TF2 General Discussion

it was gay to add it in the first place imagine being so pissed about onething as irrelevant as this that you now want it gone

posted 1 week ago
#41 Sketchek is back? in TF2 General Discussion
ward3dwho fucking cares lol


posted 1 week ago
#14 Sketchek is back? in TF2 General Discussion

Bro its like he plays pyro why is it cool when he does it in a quirky way i used to do this same shit on cp orange but im not idolised by reddit like wtf its so fucked. Carpet johnson was hilarious, this shit was like 'cool so nicr detonayor juml on. A pub u jumped over irrelevant morons head wih drtonator'

Im only half memeing with this post lol fuck 99% of youtube tf2 content

posted 1 week ago
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